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Powered by SmartMute® our powerful A.I. based Self Adaptive Noise Elimination technology.

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We are here to change
the Game!

Smart Audio Game Headset game changing technology

With a Vision.

We are on a mission with one vision – to change the game and create an intelligent solution, that can deliver truly noise free voice transmission for wired or wireless communication devices in any enivronment.

Smart Audio Game Headset game changing technology

Human Brains.

The Human Brain is a sophisticated machine, evolved and capable of subconsciously supressing chatter and environmental noise for you to focus on a target or speaker’s voice.

Smart Audio Game Headset game changing technology


The "Brains" at Smart Audio have replicated this complex functionality within each of us and created SmartMute® a Self Adaptive A.I. based Noise Elimination Technology that is capable of accepting voice inputs from target speaker and eliminating the rest.

Tailor-made for you!

We pride in welcoming prospective clients to discuss specific or bespoke projects where they would like us to deliver a turnkey solution to meet their unique requirement.


Be it gaming, call centres, work from home or day to day operations at trading markets, warehouses, airports, factories or live events. SmartMute® technology equips you with the best clarity in communication.

Aviation & Automotive

Engine, road and cabin noise can often be frustrating. SmartMute® technology can help eliminate this noise and make the speaker appear to be in a quieter environment.


Fighter jet pilots or professional race drivers in F1 or Rally are exposed to in-cabin noise levels between 85db to 115db on average. SmartMute® technology eliminates noise in such harsh environments.

Defence & Emergency

In the frontline, the need to pressing a button to speak often causes distraction. SmartMute® technology can assist in eliminating the need for the button press and help maintain the situational advantage.

Laptops & Tablets

Covid19 has accelerated the WFH culture, placing teams in noisy home environments. SmartMute® technology can enable clear voice communication in such situations and provide a pleasant experience to the listener.

Smart Devices

Let Siri, Alexa the future of voice assist understand you clearly. SmartMute® technology can help improve this experience and enable clear voice communication even in extremely noisy environments.

SmartMute® in Action

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Visitor testing our flagship Smart Audio ESM-01 Enterprise headset at CES 2022

Soft launch of our flagship Enterprise headset Smart Audio ESM-01 at CES 2022

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Our Team

Sandeep Chintala

Sandeep Chintala

Founder & CEO
Salim Muman

Salim Muman

Co-Founder & COO
Steven Gray

Steven Kanyatte

Mo Gray

Mo Muman



Phil Carpenter

Phil Carpenter

Ex-Bose UK
Managing Director
Salim Muman

Paolo Vannini

Ex-Fiat USA,
CEO & President
Rolly Crawford

Rolly Crawford

Investment Banker
Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma

Ex-Intel Global Business,
Development Director

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